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Frequent asked questions on Voertuigenonline. Is your question not listed? Contact customer service directly. We always have an answer for your question!

How do i create an account on Voertuigenonline?
Any individual or dealer can create a free account by clicking on the Register now button on the homepage. Fill the form completely as possible. Do not forget to confirm your email. Once your email is confirmed, you can get started! Voertuigenonline want to maintain a correct and clean system. We verify within 7 days the data of registered dealers at Chamber of Commerce.

I did not receive any confirmation email?
Did you not receive a confirmation email? Check your spam or junk mail. Email not received yet, please contact customer service.

I forgot my password?
You can restore your password by clicking on the Log In button on the homepage. There after you can click on the forgotten password link!

How can i delete my account from Voertuigenonline?
To delete your account from the Voertuigenonline system you must send an email to customer service. You can send your email to

How do i post an ad?
To place an ad, you must first login. After logging into My Voertuigenonline, you must click on the Add vehicle button.

How do i delete an ad?
To delete an ad, you must first login. After logging into My Voertuigenonline you can select the vehicle you want to delete and than click the Delete button. You can also delete an ad to Archive.

Can i re-publish an ad?
Any ad that is deleted or deleted to archive cannot be republished. It is possible to publish the same ad again. You must add this ad again.

Save Voertuigenonline cookies?
Voertuigenonline saves cookies (cookies are text file particles that are placed on your computer) to help the website analyze how users used Voertuigenonline websites.

Can i upgrade my limit?
You must login to upgrade your free account limit. Once login to My Voertuigenonline you must click on the link Upgrade limit. You can upgrade your account limit once in 12 weeks. Still want more limits? Contact directly customer service.

What happened to my ads after the deadline upgrade limit has expired?
Once the upgrade limit is expired, all your publish ads will not delete! All publish ads stay active, according the validity period.