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Voertuigenonline introduce the ad world a new initiative that meets the needs of this age. The aim is to create an flexible digital advertising platform. Make advertise easier than what it is! Voertuigenonline enables individuals and dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Caribbean Netherlands and disputed islands such as Curaçao, Aruba and St. Martin possible to advertise vehicles for free. Voertuigenonline is an advertising platform where consumers and advertisers simply meet each other online. The famous term “query and demand”. Consumers and advertisers are able to offer an occassion or find a new vehicle or vehicle for rent. 

Voertuigenonline mission is to providence everyone in the vehicle industry, a free advertising platform. An advertising platform with all types of vehicles under one roof!
Buy, sell, rent or lease your vehicle(s) on Voertuigenonline.
Voertuigenonline is the new link between buyers and sellers.